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Howard Caskie Optometrist, proudly announce a series of exclusive offers, each backed by our reputation for quality and excellence and only made possible by our position as one of the top-10 busiest practices in Northern Ireland.
  from £38.95
Chose any spectacle frame complete with single-vision CRYSTAL lenses from our extensive

Pick up a complete pair of spectacles from our extensive extensive selection

Each frame complete with CRYSTAL lenses, exclusive case and special cleaning cloth

Bifocal lenses and Varifocal lenses available at additional costs of £35.00 and £59.00 respectively

Complete pair with single vision or bifocal lenses

FREE with N.H.S. Voucher

Special glass and lenses available on request

£74.95 range

and help yourself to a second pair from the same selection absolutely free (same prescription in both pairs)

Have bifocal lenses fitted to both pairs for an extra charge of £35.00 or pay £59.00 extra and have two pairs of Varifocals Special and glass lenses available on request

Practice Features

Our state-of-the-art AUTO REFRACTOR will assess your optical prescription and provide useful information that assists our professional staff when they carry out the traditional eye examination.

Glaucoma affects approximately 1% of the adult population and, if untreated is sight threatening. We check intra-ocular pressures routinely using a non-contact tonometer. It only takes a minute but it might save your sight!

Visual field analysis goes hand in hand with tonometry in the diagnosis of Glaucoma. The computerised Henson Visual Field Analyser highlights potential problems and can be a few minutes well spent.

Use our computerised PHOTO-IMAGING SYSTEM when choosing your spectacle frame and "see yourself as others see you"

Another innovation is the computer driven Test Charts that offer a wide range of additional features. Fully operated by remote control, they are a great hit, especially with youngsters.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to our practice is our Fundus Camera. Without any discomfort to the patient, a digital photograph of the inside of the eye is instantly stored on the computer. Any pathology is instantly recognisable and the photographic images can be E-mailed to the family doctor or ophthalmologist at the point of referral.

Chose form over 500 Designer Frames, complete with single-vision CRYSTAL lenses, exclusive spectacle case and special cleaning cloth for an unbelievable ALL-IN price of

Laura Ashley
Giorgio Armani
Emporio Armani
Dolce & Gabbana
French Connection
Polo Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein


Why accept a limited choice?

With over 3,000 frames in stock and approximately 1,500 on display at all times, we offer an amazing selection.

Prices range from £15.00 to £199.00 with the vast majority falling in the £30.00 to £60.00 region.

Unlike many of our competitors who stock only own brands, OUR frames are produced and marketed by well known and familiar companies - companies you have learned to trust and rely on. See all styles listed on the right.